PFSS Full-wave Multilayer Periodic Structure Modeling

User-friendly interface allows rapid configuration of simulations and optimizations

PFSS (Periodic Frequency-Selective Surfaces) is a simulation tool used to rapidly and efficiently solve the problem of electromagnetic scattering from periodic, 2.5D structures for any incidence angle or polarization. The software is suitable for designing devices for RF, terahertz, infrared, and optical applications. As a specialized simulation tool, the solvers within PFSS can rapidly compute the scattering properties from periodic metallodielectric frequency selective surfaces, metamaterials, and antennas. The efficient nature of the solvers allows the use of GEMSIF's advanced stochastic optimizers to select the design properties.

The simulation capabilities of the PFSS tool are summarized in the list below. Details on the capabilities of the individual solvers PMM and PFEBI are included, though not explicitly connected.

  • Doubly-periodic, rectangular, multilayered unit cells
  • Fast, efficient calculation of scattering parameters from complex, inhomogeneous layered media
  • Tight integration with optimization algorithms
  • Plane wave incidence angular sweeps in theta and phi
  • Frequency sweeps
  • Dual-polarization excitation with cross-polarized reflection and transmission analysis
  • Absorptivity and emissivity analysis
  • Homogeneous and inhomogeneous material and boundary condition layers
  • Isotropic, anisotropic, and bianisotropic dielectric materials
  • Lossy and lossless dielectric and magnetic materials
  • Dispersive and nondispersive materials
  • Integration with GEMSIF material database
  • Parallel and series RLC lumped elements
  • Surface impedance boundary conditions across any voxel face
  • Thoroughly tested and validated simulation kernels